About Us

Centrum Zrównoważonego Rozwoju “HORYZONTY” initiates, implements and supports educational and research focused projects that are aiming towards improving condition of natural environment and development of civic society.

We participate in local, national and international initiatives that aim to improve quality of life of people, while maintaining the natural environment and rational usage of natural resources.


History of the HORIZONS:

Centrum Zrównoważonego Rozwoju “HORYZONTY” was registered in march of 2012. Its mission is to work for the ideas of sustainable development, which expresses itself in various and diverse forms of activities.

Main goals:

  1. Acting and advocating on behalf of science, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, informal education, various forms of lifelong learning, sport, culture and arts, as well as health protection;
  2. Acting for public good in the field of environment protection;
  3. Acting for development of democracy and civic society.

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