Our Projects

Centrum Zrównoważonego Rozwoju “HORYZONTY” creates and implements educational projects aiming to broaden competences of recipients in the fields of entrepreneurship, environment protection and civic society.


1. “ErgoAsyst – companion app helping in acquiring competences on applied ergonomics in working with personal computer”

This endeavor is being realised under the project „Inkubacja innowacji społecznych w obszarze kształcenia ustawicznego osób dorosłych” lead by Stowarzyszenie Instytut Nowych Technologii, financed with the funds from  Program Operacyjny Wiedza Edukacja Rozwój 2014-2020, co-financed with the funds from European Social Fund.

The goal of the project is to educate both employees and employers on the basics of ergonomically acceptable office environment, as well as the health benefits that can be gained from working in such evironment, which is a direct response to the problem area of civilization diseases. The final product of the project is a mobile companion app, capable of adjusting the environment to the individual needs of a worker.

2. Partnership on the project “Certified Digital Accessibility Training” (DigitalAccessibility) – Erasmus +

Leader of this project is Institut za Napredno Upravljanje Komunikacij, Miklavz na Dravskem polju (INUK) from Slovenia. Project’s consortium includes 6 partners (businesses, R&D institutions, NGOs and Universities) from 4 European countries – one of the partners being Centrum Zrównoważonego Rozwoju HORYZONTY.

The goal of this project is creation of the certified training modules for vocational training on the topic of creation, testing and maintenance of  virtual content following the idea of Accessible Web in accordance to WCAG standard, to battle various forms of digital exclusion.



1. City game “Bądź zaradny w Pułtusku” (“Be resourceful in Pułtusk”)

City game was part of the project “Działam, bo mi zależy!” realized by Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Młodzieży i Wolontariatu between may 27th – june 1st, 2013 in partnership with Centrum Zrównoważonego Rozwoju “Horyzonty” as a part of European Youth Week 2013. Projekt was financed from the program “Młodzież w Działaniu”.

The goal of the game was to increase social competences and environment analysis of 15 participants ages 15-18, by introducing them to local environment and creating new relations with individuals and institutions. The game took place on may 29th 2013 in Pułtusk.

2. Educational project “Młodzi liderzy zrównoważonego rozwoju – edukacja obywatelska w powiecie pułtuskim” (“Young leaders of sustainable development – civic education in Pułtusk county”)

Project was being realized from 01.10.2013 to 31.12.2013 and was co-financed by Switzerland as a part of Swiss cooperation program for new European Union members.

3. Educational project “Edukacja globalna w Pułtusku” (“Global education in Pułtusk”)

Project was being realized from 03.11.2014 to 30.11.2014 and was co-financed as a part of Polish development cooperation program by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. Training project “Silne organizacje pozarządowe w powiecie pułtuskim” (“Strong NGOs in Pułtusk county”)

Project was being realized from 01.08.2014 to 31.12.2014 and was co-financed by Program Fundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich.

5. Educational project “Strategic cooperation for better entrepreneurship education”

Project was being realized as a part of ERASMUS+ program, action 2 – “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”.

The goal of the project realized in cooperation with Fundatia Universitara Hyperion in Bucharest, was promotion of entrepreneurship and sustainable development education among youth.

6. Task realized as a part of  NCK program „Kultura – Interwencje 2018. EtnoPolska”

The goal of this task was dissemination and education on culture of Kurpie Białe region, cultivation of local traditions and cultural passage of tradition and local identity from older generation to the young, as well as social activisation by participation in folklore workshops.

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